Area of Services

  • Loan Collections: We specialize in the collection of delinquent loans through proactive and respectful communication with borrowers. Our team employee a range of strategies and channels to reach out to debtors, aiming to recover unpaid loans promptly and efficiently.
  • Loan Recovery: SR9 Associates takes on the challenge of recovering charged-off or severely delinquent loans. Through a combination of negotiation skills and legal expertise, we pursue debtors to recover the maximum possible amount, offering tailored solutions for each case.
  • Debt Resolution: We work closely with borrowers to develop manageable debt resolution plans. By understanding their financial situations and offering reasonable repayment options, we help individuals and businesses overcome financial difficulties.
  • Litigation Support: When necessary, SR9 Associates provides litigation support to our clients, assisting them in legal proceedings related to loan recovery. We collaborate with reputable legal partners to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients.
  • Skip Tracing: We have specific and trained executives, with an expertise in tracing delinquent customers who are absconding. They are traced with the information from the neighborhood, workplace, contacts, friends & various agencies.
  • Collection: Our executive follow up and visit the customer for the over due payments. They are trained at adapting both a service oriented and an intense approach in ensuring regular repayment reviews.
  • DPR: The daily productivity report helps in the tracing of daily collections towards the estimated targets.
  • Also, includes the review register, segmentation of high and low balance accounts, receipts, audit and review on daily basis & collector’s daily productivity list.